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SKATEBOARDFIEBER auf der Sommer Bright 07
SKATEBOARDFEVER at the summer Bright 07


Part two here

More about the Bright Tradeshow you will find here: www.brighttradeshow.com

More about the Museum: www.SKATEBOARDFIEBER.de - www.MADE-FOR-SKATE.com

The MAGS WE READ! FLYER is an old an subscription ad from TWS magazine in 1983. The smiling boy in the car is
a very young Per Welinder : ) Well and the girls are totaly 80ies!!

Welcome to the online "THE MAGS WE READ!" exhibition!

The Bright had a different entrance this year. Follow the black carpet...

The exhibition was right at the entrance. At the first textboard you could read about the very beginning of
magazines to the skateboard magazines as we know them today. And special thx from the fever dudes to
the "Limited" Skateboarding magazine and the BRIGHT organizers Thomas and Marco for inviting
and supporting us and the museum! So enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for the "THE MAGS WE READ!"
exhibition at the Skateboardfever Museum (Opening date for the show to be announced soon)

A quick overview of the exhibition from the stairway next to the entrance

In the early days - the first articles about skateboarding appeared in surf magazines

1964 - the first ever published skateboard magazine!

It lasted only for a year and just four copies...

We had a copy of the first "quarterly Skateboarder" on display - so you could travel back in time and
study the past!

70ies magazines

Mid 70ies the next skateboard wave is getting higher and
1975 - SkateBoarder magazine was back! - Editorial topic "The urethane wheel"

Wild wild magazines! The premiere issue of Wild World of skateboarding in 1976

Christian Seewald - germany's famous freestyle pro in the 80ies - and proud collector of all issues of SkateBoarder!

The 70ies in germany

The first skateboard magazine in germany was released in 1977.

The Bravo was (and still is) a famous youth magazine. They had a skateboard cover story in 1978

Skateboarding in the GDR! The first and only skateboard article... (and the first skateboard produced in the GDR
- with a stopper at the front of the board ) for sure a nice way to stop a skateboard. Maybe if you were pushing the
brake hard enough you could fly over the Berlin wall?

The "practic" magazine was published in East- Germany in 1987

Skate Zines! The famous 1985 "Death Zone" by Claus Grabke and the "Jolly Jumper" from Matthew Bauer

The man of the first "Bullet Zine" cover! Michael Wehrmeyer...

doing a one foot tailgrab ollie! RESIST!

The legendary Titus! and his famous 1982 No.1 Monster magazine!!

Next - the 1980ies and 90ies...

1980 skateboard was loosing it s popularty again and the SkateBoarder magazine changed not only its name
to ACTION NOW. The topics were wide spreaded - BMX Surfing and even Cycling.
Two years later the mag was dead!


In 1981 a magazine hit the marked - the "THRASHER" SKATEBOARD MAGAZINE
Skate and destroy! There is a very good book to read the THRASHER story:
Support your local skateshop and buy the book there. Just to see how it looks: Go to Amazon:

Now we know!

1983 TWS Magazine - SKATE AND DESTROY vs. SKATE AND CREATE - or Tracker trucks vs. Independent trucks!

The first cover of TRANSWORLD SKATEBOARD Magazine aka TWS

From the 80ies to the crazy silly early 90ies!

From BigBrother to SLAP to the UK Phat...

1991 - All said...

The BigB is starting in a small size...

but with a very fucking loud foreword - so fuck off and let the editor speak!

oh Jesus! Just one of the innumerable hard soft covers.....

BB and SLAP had alot of beef

In 1993 a new Magazine is published in germany

The GAP is the title of the first editorial...

Limited is the name of the magazine - below the display you can see the cover of the LTD. Magazine.
That was the Isue Vol. 1 No. 0 ( to announce the magazine)
In the early 90ies it was very popular to show asequence of a trick by using video footage.
And here even on the cover - Eric Koston doing a switch heelflip up five stairs!

The MOBernist is a todays Skate-Zine from HesseMOB Skateboards

Next to the Limited - The PLAYBOARD magazine (1995) and the BOARDSTEIN magazine (2000)

Both issues number one - for reading on display! And right in the corner we have Kevin -
aka Concussion Magazine pissing on TWS

Skate Comics - The right one from Santa Cruz Skateboardss with drawings from Jim Phiilipps (signed copy!)
and on the right side the Thrasher Comic number one. More about Jim Philips you will find here:
Studio Visit Jim Philipps -
english version (THX to fecal face)
Studio Visit Jim Philipps - german version (THX to us :)

And at last - magazines from all over the world - Brazil Italy and Australia

Next to the THE MAGS WE READ - the SKATE STYLES Photographers exhibition!
The exhibtion is curated by Alexis Zavialoff and all sales of photos are for charity!

15€ really isn't much for these very special photos from very good photographers
and all the benefit will go to an orphanage in Romania

Daniels favorite pic! Two red dots!!

Pix von Pontus Alv

Simpsons for life! Go see the movie!! And then get a Simpsons tattoo

This was just the beginning of the 2007 summer Bright review!

So stay tuned! - More gibts moin!!

Any questioons or suggestions ? - Drop us a mail: Skate@FauxAmi.de

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