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FauxAmi Road Trip:

NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH Premiere London / Part 2


NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH - Three years in the making! - three days for me in London : )

DAY 2 / Part 2 - The NBTT Premiere
If you missed part one - just click here: >>PART 1

Welcome to the second part of the FauxAmi report - NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH Premiere London!

ready to sneak in...

when we arrived, the entrance was already totally crowded!

just follow the masses.. (I took this picture after the screening - so the people are walking out the hall )

If you wanna see them walking to the hall watch the red carpet clip on: >> FauxAmi - youtube

Well did I mentioned that Nike is into shoes?

Even some models with golden swooshes...

but my all time fafourite is this one - and sorry - focus is somtimes a tricky thing...

...the hall fits 900 people! so catch a seat - not many left!

the view from the top row...

...some moving pictures from inside the hall here: >> youtube - Inside the Royal Festival Hall

After the Premiere - the Afterparty! And we start with number one in line again!

After a 70min Skateboard Movie we were very hungry - and this was a easy task - good food even for a vegitarian
there were several options! Yummy!

...and free beer! And no worries I won´t will steal yours - all drinks for free!

And the dude from the movie got a free one too! Slainte!

The other funny guy but no free beer yet? Nice talking to you!

Well the meat lovers had there change too to get a piggy burger! Sad for the pig...

Hello to smiling Agra! - ( sorry for another shot out of focus - blame it on my digital cam ; )

Two free beers and a bloody cool shirt! Rock´n Roll Niklas!

There was a special exhibition at the top floor with the movie props and a lot shoes of course!

Bluescreen shoes...

Bloody chopper...

A green zipper and a plastic heart

Hightech video editing!

Head mold!

After the exhibition it was time to check out the dancefloor!

See some moving and dancing pictures on youtube: >>here

No pictures of a drinking photographer please - hey Alexsis don´t be shy!

Mr. Mag - nificent Seven Martin and another famous photograper.

The morning after the premiere / afterparty
and after breakfast Martin and me
met Hunter and Lance at the Hotellobby. There were ready to go on thier final premiere city NYC.

Martin showing Lance the latest issue of streetwear Today with Florian Böhm on cover. An old vert buddy!

The famous London pigeon enjoy the sunny morning.

I had some time left bevor I had to go back to the airport - So I thought lets go for some sightseeing...

Marble Arch - next to the Regend Park

I think you know all that bridge - nice two towers...

Spot at London Bridge.

Another nice spot but "that" is not so nice!

but don´t mess with skaters...

skateable again!

...next stop at the Tate Modern - nice spider!

Spider infos!

Inside the turbine hall - a very nice art crack - maybe the world ist starting to break apart? Well I hope not!

Lets have a closer look!

Looks deep in the vertical!

Not so deep in the horizontal and flashed!

What is she thinking? Maybe how deep....

After another
1h 30min bus ride I was told that the plane to Berlin will be delayed for close to 4h!

Not Nice! Red color - not good!

But finally!

On my flight back home I met Sebi - he was at the premiere too - so we had alot to talk about.
He was there to film a report for hobnox.com- for sure we will blog his report soon at FauxAmi!
So stay tuned!

ANY ?? or !!

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