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FauxAmi Road Trip:



NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH - Three years in the making! - three days for me in London : )


My journey starts at Berlin Schönefeld and the screen shows my first destination - LTN stands for LUTON
Where the f... is London "LUTON" ? Thats the f... with the so call cheap airlines! So easyass -
they drop you off in the country side - but the same flight with Lufthansa was 1500 Euros!
That´s allot for a free drink.

...waiting with screaming kids - a complete school class waiting in front of me - ready to take over London!

What a day! Sunny Berlin and here comes our jet...

At the check in I had long argument if my back pack will fit in the overhead department - lucky for me that
just the size of the back pack seemed to be a problem - cause with all my digital equipment -
it weight at least 20kg!

Well I was the winner of the discussion! And how I said to the girl at the counter - it fits perfectly!

Oh oh, clouds over GB... well but what did I expect : )

After a save landing I changed from the easy Jet to a easy Bus - thats a nice chain of "easy" Money making.

Inside the bus - bright daylight - then it was a 1h 30min drive to Oxford Street - the center of London...

The daylight was long gone and my first destination was to meet with Seb -
then we went to see the crazy sneaker hunters in front of Nike Town. We just arrived as the Slam City guys
brought some warm pizza and Pepsi for the guys in the queue!

Ches has a good heart!

The first in line! He started the queue at friday - Waiting to get the holy sneaker grail called - "WHAT THE DUNK"
See some moving pictures of the queue at youtube:

Then we went to dinner a the NOBU - a fancy susi restaurant!

Dinner time...

The chefs at work...

Back to the Hotel - Seb and Mr. Rock´n Roll Chet Childress

the coach is waiting... good night guys and see you tomorrow!


The night ended realy early for me cause I wannted to go with Seb directly to Nike Town.
The opening was set to 8.30 p.m.

Good morning Mr. Croocked-Toungs! Ready for an interview with the shy girl?

The end of the queue - much more sneaker freaker as shoes were availible!

What happend to Mr. No 1 in line?

Maybe the spy from adidas has an answer?

...but I was short on cash - and 20p was way to much for me!

Media madness inside Nike Town! More cams as customers : )

...whats going on in the right corner?

NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH - a bag by Nike SB...

...and the golden box in his hands!

31 one shoes in one...
picture no.1

31 one shoes in one... picture no. 2


Maybe the first in line - he started the queue 2002 and didn´t get enough pizza and pepsi!
Believe me - it´s the truth!

a skeleton comes out of my head... well I think we need some action footage!

well its a old cliche but - rain all day in London - but rain inside Nike Town. That´s a new level of rainy conditions!
A minute before it happened I was sitting on the black bench with my laptop -
after I had saved it out of the rainfall - I shot some footage with my photo cam:

>> See the clip on youtupe

all said - I would say!

Rain inside Nike Town - Rain outside Nike Town...

But after waiting for days - some hours to wait more didn´t hurt the guys in the queue!

Then we left the scene for the press converence - in a all hightech cab!

The press conference took place in a private club - on the rooftop with a great view over London.
And hey Kevin - was good to see you again!

Nice pool - but I forgot to bring my swim suit!

chilling pros! But ...

...the media was waiting!

interview with Paul aka Mr PROD! ( P.s. super cool and nice guy! )

...and ready for some photos with the great skyline!

And hello to Badger! I owe you 10 quid - you helped me out allot!
I will never forget and you will get it back - I promise!

a last look from the top to the bottom...

...then we left back to the hotel - and yeah thats the world famous London rush hour!
But at least its not raining in the London tube!

The hotel lobby. At 7p.m. we were picked up by coaches - to get to the Royal Festival Hall!

Got Ticket?

Yeah we do!

So stay tuned - more soon!

Pictures and clips from the premiere and the afterparty !

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