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FauxAmi Exhibitions:

SKATEBOARDFEVER at the winter Bright 08

MADE FOR SKATE - The history of skateboard shoes

As you guy may know - SKATEBOARDFEVER - has a special exhibition about shoes.


So we know a lot of you are into the Nike skateboard shoes - aka NIKE SB
And we know alot of you are looking forward for upcoming models / colors
so we sneaked in the SB booth and took some pix for you.

Enjoy and if you may find the time to have a look what we were showing at the Bright
have a look at "Censorship is Weak as Fuck" - Exhibtion:


More about the Bright Tradeshow you will find here: www.brighttradeshow.com

Golden stiches in a camoflage back

Agra gets a first look inside the MADE FOR SKATE Book at the NIKE SB booth -
decorated in the "Nothing but the Truth" style. Very well done by Niklas!

MADE FOR SKATE the shoe? Well the 80ties are big in 08!

Closer look to a very nice colorway!

More shoes on a leash....

80ties HighTop? No the new P-Rod 2 Hightop - I would like to have a mid model!

P-Rod low cut - colorway

P-Rod low cut - another colorway

The front of the camo TRE and woodland camo laces!

...and the back again!

Another golden logo!

So stay tuned for the summer Bright!

And stay tuned for the next MADE FOR SKATE exhibition!!

More about Skateboardfieber and the Skateboardmuseum:



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