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SKATEBOARDFIEBER auf der Sommer Bright 07
SKATEBOARDFEVER at the summer Bright 07


Part one here

More about the Bright Tradeshow you will find here: http://brighttradeshow.com

More about: www.SKATEBOARDFIEBER.de - www.MADE-FOR-SKATE.com

Bright sommer 2007 report - part 2
The all new bright skatepark - the black parts are from last year...
The topless guy in the trees is one of the two builders of the park - and he will soon build a mini bowl for the
Skateboardfever-Museum in Stuttgart - stay tuned for the big opening party in late september!

Flying Daniel! Ausstellungen machen ist ja nicht alles...

But the rain hit hard! No skateboarding on sunday....

Contest crowd - sunny saturday

The all new beach area - early in the morning and raining : (

There will be no smoking in public buildings in germany starting the first of august.
Well, at BRIGHT they tried to force it
a couple of days earlier. But you see the sticker...
So the place was full of smoke..

A Skateboard Trip to Mongolia - Book and exhibition

at the Carhartt booth - here you see the book cover inside and
the special limited .super premium "Dirt Ollies" skateboard deck : )

Nice vinyls

and very very nice pics

a pic of the skatepark back in the days and the park today - all ramps gone just one left

The Trauma booth welcomes you with a selection of their awsome graphics.

More or less the "sharp" text tells us that the brand from Montpellier was born in 2004 and
that their goal was to bring skateboarding back its originality and commitment. Like you can see below,
their graphics speak for themselves. Nice job guys. Hope to see you soon in the Museum.

We are excited to see more drawings of the artist.
And if their team is amazing as the designs we will be stoked when we see their fresh video soon.

What more of a message do you need to think a little more about the environment and act responsible..
"Save a tree, commit suicide.."

...or the world is gonna suffer the big revenge!

Also a topic to think about... and enjoy if well cooked ; ) THX FOR THE SHIRTS -Dudes!

For more infos check the Trauma URL here : )

The artist himself.. Nice thoughts and ideas lead to great graphics..and don't forget:
"support your local screenprinter!
Check out

Very Nice idea - The video Lounge-
the URBAN booth -Don´t touch and no stealing!

At the Urban-booth you could have a rest with memories of the good old Video days...
A nice selection of skateboard videos (from "Savannah Slammer" to "Wooden Toys")
helped you to relax and don't talk about business for a while. The text says it.
Don't take it all to serious and stop and think why we started all of this.
We didn't invent skateboarding and shouldn't pretend to have done so...

...multitasking isn't just for women..

The smilling sk 8 park project dude - smiling Jörg at the DIE Distribution booth...

Next to the Die-Booth the cracy Azita Bowl - installiation

Action paintings by the cracy Haupwache Kids...

And greetings to Mr. Niklas - the leader of the "Old Sküll Tribe"!

long long long hairiers - or how we say - VoKoHiLa!!

Pistolen und Rosen next to a cocodyle shoe! ...crocodile vs. Guns 'n Roses

The next generation of high tech skate shoes. The TRE is dead - long lives the Zoom ante donum

A sole as free as a free....what? More flip from the sole.

The secret lies at the bottom

An old shoe from back in the days
- Blazer - orange swooshy

and a black bulldozer

...next to a pink...fuzzie one

looks cosy...

in a Gibson guitar case

a closer look on the crocodile

and here are some heavy metal VANS...

Eddy the Freddy on a slipper - did he kill the checkers ?

last...but not least - the second Hosoi sk8 Hi
(Hihi -Skate Hi....)

Good by and see you next year at the winter Bright 08

resist the rain and keep rollin´

Any Questions or suggestions? Drop us a mail: Skate@FauxAmi.de



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