FauxAmi Urban Suppiles and GLOBE are presenting at the Bright Skateboard Tradeshow
the Exhibition:

"Censorship Is Weak As Fuck"

Censorship is Weak as Fuck is a collaborative show featuring over 40 skateboard graphics designed by Marc McKee and
Sean Cliver. The show features work the two have done for World Industries and its subsidiary brands from the formation of
the company in the late 1980s to its mid-90s rise to industry dominance. The collection of original skateboards demonstrates,
literally in graphic detail, how World Industries set itself apart from its competitors by using a totally uncensored approach in its
graphic program, relentlessly featuring one controversial subject after another, covering issues such as religion, pornography,
gun control, sex, profanity, racism, drug use and violation of copyright law, all on the bottoms of its skateboards.

The show is running in conjunction with the movie documentary, The Man Who Souled The World, which documents how
Steve Rocco started World Industries as one of the fi rst truly “skater-owned” skateboard companies, as a direct challenge to
the current corporate status quo within the industry. Through its uncensored approach, World Industries and its slew of spin-
offs brands including Blind, Plan B, Bitch and Big Brother Magazine won more than their fair share of detractors at the same
time endearing itself to the next generation of skateboarders. “We were just pushing the boundaries of things that hadn’t been
done before,” defends Rocco. “And why not? I actually felt like we almost had an obligation to do it.”

Most of the work in the exhibition, which includes the original skateboard decks, original artwork,
and print advertising, has never before been exhibited.


THE MAN WHO SOULED THE WORLD tells the story of Steve Rocco, the irreverent genius
who transformed the skateboard industry from corporate to skater owned with a do-
it-yourself punk attitude. Steve’s antics and entrepreneurial impact on the skateboard
business are huge and have ultimately had a signifi cant impact on broader mainstream
culture as Steve is the man who gave Spike Jonze his fi rst directing gig, discovered Jason
Lee and created Big Brother magazine which became the genesis of Jackass.

Basing himself in Hermosa Beach, Torrance and El Segundo, Steve shaped skateboarding
counter-culture by creating World Industries, the most infl uential and controversial
company in an industry of extremes. His story embodies the American Dream at its most
volatile in a balls-to-the-wall picture that provides a manic insight into the realities of
enterprise and celebrity in the contemporary youth market.

Steve gave skateboarders and their unique creativity a voice, and that voice now
permeates as one of the chief infl uencers of broader youth culture. From fi lm, to art,
graphic design, fashion, music and of course skateboarding, a lasting legacy remains and
THE MAN WHO SOULED THE WORLD covers all this and more in an edgy and uniquely
creative manner.

More infos you will find here: http://www.themanwhosouledtheworld.com


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