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FauxAmi Exhibitions:



Get down to the show, it's on at The Old Trueman Brewery,
95 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL. Click here for a map. word.

More about the Nike SB you will find here: www.nikeskateboarding.com

More about the BLUEPRINT you will find here: www.blueprintskateboards.com

More about the Moving Units you will find here: www.tseou.com

More about: www.SKATEBOARDFIEBER.de - www.MADE-FOR-SKATE.com

More about: Todd Bratrud - www.burlesquedesign.com - Todd at myspace.com

The Nike SB BLUEPRINT shoe! - Colours by the 20 Pound Note : )

The entrance door!

Opening Party!

Hey Ches - one of the BLUEPRINT dudes!

The Bones Brigade - Chin Jordan Story

Some sneaker history

A Prototype Tailslide on top of a Bruiser

Air Jordans for Sale 19.99 - nice price (1988)

The little girl and the sole - dad is checking out some Urethan.

Skateboarding is ......

Some roller skates in the display

Custom Made - some Kid Power and early eighties Skateboard-Nikes

The Fish Classic next to Rays

The BLUEPRINT Angus skated next to some custom made low cuts...

s on the two pound coin!

At the begining there was a block!

The Block - Even skateable at the exhibtion!

and nice to sit on....

Photos - showing the blocks in action!

PixelPlastic - TRE

and a none Pixel - TRE

The SB cut.

And we say THX to Seb who made this all possible!

We have some nice MADE FOR SKATE merchandise!

And we printed the shirts and poster ourselves ! On PC - AA shirts!

Thx to Todd Bratrud for the super cool artwork!

MADE FOR SKATE Series 2 silks:

Who want´s to know more about silk screening: (germ.)

Firts the shirts! Limited to 50! Four color silk print!

The final SHirt!

Now the Posters ! Limited to 50! Three color silk print!

Interested in a shirt or poster? Limited to 50! Shirts in blue only! Colors chosen by Todd Bratrud! Not many left!

A shirt is a 39€ plus shipping and a poster 20€ plus shipping.

Drop us a mail: Skate@FauxAmi.de



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